Architecture Works

Dongbu Corporation changes the skyline of the country. With technology and competency, Dongbu has secured its leading position
as working for numerous projects of all building types, such as high-tech intelligent buildings, medical facilities, government offices, education
and research centers, commercial buildings, logistics and sales facilities, and sports facilitiess.


Since 1970s, Dongbu Corporation has developed skills and technology through completing projects in Korea and abroad. Based on the expertise accumulated through those experiences, Dongbu has demonstrated excellent performance in all ranges of architectural types, from high-tech intelligent buildings, medical facilities, education/research centers etc.

Especially in office building sector, Dongbu has been recognized for the unique look and splendid designs through its works, such as Dongbu Finance Center, which has become a landmark in Teheran-ro area, Prudential Tower, DMC Trutec Bldg. in Sangsam-dong, etc. Also, Dongbu has been in charge of creating various public buildings for cultural exhibition and sports activities, such as the National Museum of Korea, which is the 6th largest museum in the world, and Jeonju World Cup Stadium etc.

With the latest construction methods, and optimum design and planning, Dongbu Corporation will secure the most advanced skills in the industry continuously.

Main Project Areas

  • Business Facility
  • Medical Facility
  • Culture Exhibition/Sports Facility
  • Education/Research Facility
  • Distribution/Sales Facility
  • Remodeling/Etc.