Civil Engineering

Dongbu’s Civil Engineering Unit carries out various civil works in and out of the country successfully, such as roads, bridges, tunnels, and port facilities.
Based on its advanced skills and knowhow, Dongbu is building a new world of technology with its top techniques and quality.


Dongbu Corporation has carried out various large scale-civil works in and out of the country, such as roads, bridges, tunnels, and port facilities, successfully.
Having adopted the PSM (Precast Span Method), the latest technology of bridge deck placement that can link a 35m deck for just 3-5 days, for the second time in the world, Dongbu built the Gyeongbu Expressway Zone# 3, Cheongdam Bridge, the first double-deck bridge in the country, and Baehurying Tunnel, the longest tunnel in the country and has continued to improve its construction skills and experience significantly.

In addition, Dongbu actively invests in core technologies for port facility construction and carries out various projects, such as Asan National Industrial Complex-Goedae Zone port construction and Incheon North Port construction etc. Pursuing our investment in the latest technologies, securing the talents, and fostering the experts in each construction stage, Dongbu continues to secure a competitive advantage in civil works.

Main Project Areas

  • Expressway
  • Road/Bridge
  • Railway/Subway/Tunnel
  • Port/Dam
  • Water Treatment/Sewage
  • Airport/Leisure Facility/Etc.