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Dongbu Corporation prides itself on implementing its quality policies in order to provide clients with the best services.

We are committed to:

Maximize client satisfaction through a client-oriented quality management system

Maintain the highest quality of construction through quality control standardization

Pursue quality innovation through the improvement of the quality control process applied on projects

Quality management System

Dongbu Corporation implements quality management systems based on the ISO 9001:2008.

Client-oriented value creation

Achieve client satisfaction by listening to clients and reflecting their requirements

Manage an S4C (Satisfaction for Client) system

Continued quality improvement

Create innovative ways to continually improve the quality of servicess

Carry out various innovative programs (6 Sigma, VE, etc.)

Win-win collaborative approach

Select prospective subcontractors and guide them to adopt innovation approaches

Provide guidance to subcontractors to facilitate technology development and manage incentive programs

ISO 9001 Certification


Acquisition/maintenance history

May 1994Acquired ISO 9001 certification (TUV Korea)
May 1998 ISO 9001 certification change
(KFQ Korean Foundation for Quality)

June 2006 ISO 9001 certification change (BSI Korea) June 2016 ISO 9001 certification change (TUV NORD)

Coverage of certification

Design, development, project management, procurement, construction, operation and servicing of civil, building and housing, plant (including general chemical plant, power generation, environmental and industrial facilities), electrical works and telecommunication works.