Introduction of Dongbu Corporation’s CI & BI

the central element of all group communication.
The symbol, consisting of a circle inside of which 36 lines in 12 directions appear, visualizes the sun that represents the source of life and hope.
The 36 lines of each different direction signify Dongbu’s spirts of Order · Trust · Compassion and the sunlight in 12 directions represent the group’s adventure into the world with pioneering spirt and future orientation.
The rising sun
Visualizes the sun, a symbol of source of life and hope and implies the image of pioneering spirit and future orientation.
Another symbolic meaning of this is harmony and unity, which represent the power of comprehending the moon and the sky and thus creating the universe.
The sun that gives adventurous spirit and wisdom, and presents mental vision indicates birth, creation and enlightenment.
Represents the prosperity of the company
signifies order, trust, and compassion, and implies the three components of the universe, ie., the sky, the earth and human. When these three are unified, it becomes Jeong (定, harmony, unity).
Designed from the idea of 12 stage-human life from birth to death. Also, 12 lines of sunlight signify that we deliver the light to the four seas. Ten Heavenly Stems and Twelve Earthly Branches wander around the universe and create all things.