Ethical Management

  • Chapter 1. Responsibilities and Obligations to Customers
    1. Customer-Oriented Management
    ① Identify the customer(s) clearly.
    ② Approach the customers and listen to them closely.
    ③ Work being aware of your customer(s) at all times and decide from their standpoint.
    2. Promise Delivery
    ① Deliver your promises, however trivial they may be, to the customers.
    ② Keep in mind that your delivery of promise to the customers is the most important prerequisite to make Dongbu their reliable partner.
    ③ Promise of confidentiality made to the customers must be kept strictly with no exception.
    3. Follow-up Service
    ① Provide follow-up service on a regular basis to maintain top quality results and service level.
    ② Respond to the customers’ needs promptly, accurately and kindly.
  • Chapter 2 Fair Competition and Trade
    1. Compliance with the Relevant Laws and Regulations
    ① Comply with the relevant laws and regulation both domestically and internationally.
    ② Do not influence foreign government officials by offering bribe in international transactions (OECD Anti-Bribery Convention).
    ③ Comply with anti-corruption laws and regulations of other countries (UN Convention Against Corruption).
    2. Fair Competition
    ① Respect the free market economic order both home and abroad, secure the competitiveness through work quality and service, and reject any form of unfair competition.
    ② Build a culture of mutual respect with the partners for fair competition, and do not exploit their weakness or interfere with their interests.
    3. Fair Trade
    ① Reject unjust demands or unfair transaction by abusing superior bargaining position.
    ② Ensure fair transactions be conducted under the condition of equal opportunities guaranteed, subject to set terms and procedure.
    4. Pursuit of Co-Existence and Co-Prosperity
    ① Pursue a direction in which all interested parties can obtain and increase their own share of benefits based on mutual trust and cooperation.
    ② Recognize the partners and subcontractors as our companion, and strive for co-existence and co-prosperity.
    5. Sharing of Information and Knowhow
    ① Share necessary information and knowhow to create a synergy effect.
    ② Do not disclose any information or knowhow obtained in the course of partnership business under mutual confidence, unilaterally for one’s own gains.
  • Chapter 3 Basic Ethical Principles for All Employees
    1. Maintain Ethical Consciousness
    ① The employees of Dongbu, both executives and general staff, must maintain and raise ethical consciousness, and retain dignity and honor on the job.
    ② Any words or action that may harm the trust among the employees or damage the image and honor of both oneself and the company are strictly forbidden.
    2. Diligent Performance
    ① The employees of Dongbu are expected to perform their own work duties according to the sector and position.
    ② The employees of Dongbu must exert themselves to protect the property of the company and attend the job in a diligent manner.
    ③ The employees of Dongbu do not profit personally by using the company’s internal information obtained in the course of work.
    3. Strict Separation of Public from Private Matters
    ① The employees of Dongbu do not profit personally by using their specific position in the company.
    ② The employees of Dongbu do not provide preference or important information to the business entities related to their own relatives or acquaintances.
    ③ The assets of the company will return to the company at all times and will not be appropriated for personal benefit.
    4. Mutual Respect with Other Employees
    ① Observe the proprieties in dealing with others at work and refrain from any form of irreverent words and action, in particular slandering others.
    ② Do not form a clique or social group in accordance with hometown, sex, religion or school, nor discriminate others based on those.
    5. Prohibition of Any Act that Harms the Traditional Custom and Public Morals
    ① We neither tolerate any form of sexual harassment from all members of Dongbu, and nor accept words and/or action that may cause others sexual humiliation.
    ② Any words and behavior that may harm the traditional custom and public morals are strictly prohibited.
    6. Information and Security Management
    ① The employees of Dongbu must manage the company documents and new project information with utmost caution against unlawful disclosure.
    ② Respect the intellectual property and do not use any illegal software.
    7. Priority of Safety and Risk Prevention
    ① All employees of Dongbu have a duty to promote safety of the company and the colleagues, and diligently take necessary measure to prevent occupational hazards and risks.
    ② Endeavors to prevent safety mishaps, and in case of accident report immediately and take a necessary action.
    ③ Follow the safety rules strictly.
  • Chapter 4 Responsibilities to Other Employees
    1. Respect for People
    Respect for others at work and promote the protection of basic rights of individuals so that all the employees can perform their job with a sense of ownership to the company.
    2. Development of Talents
    Through the systematic human resources management, set up and operate a system that helps all employees exercise their potentials to the fullest extent.
    3. Fair Evaluation and Reward
    ① Treat others fairly and justly in consideration of their expected job duties, and do not discriminate due to hometown, sex, school and/or age.
    ② Evaluate the performance based on the goals and results of specific position, and reward accordingly.
    4. Creation of Safe Work Environment
    In all workplaces, the employees’ safety must be taken seriously and the safety rules must be followed strictly without exception.
  • Chapter 5 Responsibilities to the Nation and the Society
    1. Contribution to the Nation and the Society
    ① Dongbu Corporation understands that it is an active force to lead the nation’s economic development, and pursues ethical and reasonable business activity.
    ② Dongbu Corporation complies with the laws and regulations of the nation, and conducts its business in a manner not impeding the social justice to form and establish honorable culture.
    ③ Dongbu Corporation fulfil its duty of tax payment diligently.
    2. No Political Action
    ① Dongbu Corporation does not involve the politics; however, for the laws or government policies, mass media, or public opinions that influence the company, it may indicate its stance.
    ② Individual employees’ political views are respected; however, any words or action that may be mistaken as representing the company’s stance are prohibited.
  • Chapter 6 Respect for the Shareholders

    ① To maximize the shareholders’ value, we conducts our business diligently and avoid any action that might harm the company.

    ② We practice transparent business to form trust and confidence with our shareholders.

  • Chapter 7 Environmental Protection

    ① Waste must be treated following the set procedure in compliance with the relevant laws and regulations.

    ② Environmental contamination must be prevented through technology development that helps saving resources and recycling.