Quality Management

Quality Management
We build and operate the Quality Management System focusing on our customers to provide them with the best facilities and service.
Quality Control
We exercise the standard quality control for our partners and employees to produce of stable quality.
Customer Satisfaction
Quality Improvement
We achieve the ultimate customer satisfaction by minimizing defects and improving the work quality through continuous learning and feedback.

Quality Management System

Dongbu Corporation operates the Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, an international standard, as follows.

We achieve customer satisfaction as we listen to the customers’ opinion and reflect it to our management.
Operation of S4C (Satisfaction for Customer) System
We improve our work quality continuously through innovative actions.
Various innovative actions to improve products and work process
We enhance our competitiveness by exploring and supporting excellent partners.
Technical guide for the partners and operation of incentive system.

Quality Management System

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001 Certificate

It is an official certification by A 3rd party (certificate authority)
which evaluates the placement and practice of a company’s
quality management system and determines the
appropriateness of the system.

Acquisition/Maintenance History

- 1994. 05 ISO 9001 certification acquisition (TUV Korea)
- 1998. 05 ISO 9001 certification modification (KFQ)
- 2006. 06 ISO 9001 certification modification (BSI Korea)
- 2016. 06 ISO 9001 certification modification (TUV Korea)

Certification Range

Civil engineering, building and housing, plants (incl. chemistry, power, environmental and industrial facilities), fire works, planning and development of electrical work and communication construction, project management, procurement, construction operation service.